Magic John

bunny and cards
Friday, October 16, 2015
Today I am grateful for my husband, Magic John. If you live anywhere near the Indian Valley YMCA, 890 Maple Avenue, Harleysville, PA 19438, you can see him live and in person tomorrow, Saturday, October 17 at both 2 & 4 p.m. Plus there will be a lot of other activities during the Community Day at the Y, including a moon bounce, animal rescue, special food trucks, boot camp and even my granddaughter, Anja will be face painting with her mom.

If you go, you will also see half of the stuff that’s in my basement. We’ve been trying to “organize” the basement but had to put that on hold because it looks like David Copperfield had a seizure down there. Magic is everywhere! Everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

And the worst of it is that whenever I try to move something a blasted bunny pops out at me; or a table collapses; or some dish shoots out a bunch of shiny flowers; or a bunch of playing cards spill out of a hat; or the box I pick up practically disintegrates. Don’t ever touch magic unless you know what you’re doing! It’ll startle the crap out of you.

I gotta tell ya. . .this man will be 80-years-old in just a few weeks, yet he’s down in that basement with Scott Joplin blasting on the CD player, flailing around with wands and silks and hopping from table to table to do another “amazing” illusion. He’ll rush up the steps as excited as a five-year-old at Christmas and say, “Have you got a minute? Look, look, look what I just found that I forgot I had!” Then he’ll do the trick as though he’d been practicing it for two weeks. Unbelievable.

Today he will finish packing up the show, then schlep it up those basement steps. . .and it’s a lot. Because I worry about him, each time he does a show I say, “You should lighten your load. Don’t take the heavy tables, use what they have there, blah, blah, blah.” But that’s like telling me what I should write for a certain day. When you’re married a long time you learn to “ignore” what you don’t agree with. He LIKES playing with all of his tables and magic-toys, so I shut up. . .on this subject.

Now all Magic John needs is an audience. You!

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