Missing Man Formation

All on G'parents day

(The far right picture of Wally would slide in very nicely, but I didn’t have the software to make it happen.)
Thursday, October 15, 2015
Today I am grateful for the “Missing Man Formation”. Today was Grand Friends Day at Garnet Valley Elementary, our youngest grandson’s school. I know how much work this event is because I used to work at a school. Everyone has to be on their best behavior as well as high alert for a fallen geezer or an errant granny.

We have always looked forward to attending and I think I might have only missed one because I couldn’t get off of work. We get along great with our grandsons other grandparents, his mom’s folks, Joan & Wally, so we not only enjoyed the event, but often made an party out of the rest of the day with lunch, or a movie, or just finding a spot to catch up and tell stories.

Thankfully the grandkid has learned appreciate us being there and doesn’t act the fool, wrenching off of his chair, crying about how he “CAN’T” do something. One year was tough, but he’s over that. Now his face lights up like a pumpkin when we walk in! I am so proud of him and the person he’s becoming. What a character. A combination of all of the characters in his gene pool on both sides of his family! And there’s a bunch!

We reminisced about the time we four grandparents had such a good time filling out the paper with the “When you were a kid. . .” questions that we almost got kicked out. We got the stink-eye from the teacher more than once. You would have thought they were serving margaritas instead of fruit punch. We had a blast sharing stories and broke all of the rules of clearing the room in a timely and orderly fashion. That poor teacher. . . but lucky us. . .for our long-lasting friendship.

The last couple of years Grand Friends Day has been difficult. Oh, it’s still fun, but it’s also difficult. This year I could barely hold it together, but I had to for Joan, the other grandma, because if it’s difficult for me to be without Wally, her husband, it must be almost impossible for her!

When you look at the picture, please notice the blank space between Joan and John. That’s where our “Missing Man”, Wally belongs in our formation.

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