Spontaneous Pictures

Dono & Packy-great
Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Today I am grateful for spontaneous pictures. Facebook is full of great pictures. I think it’s probably one of the best things about social media. I swear I could bump into the kids and grandkids of some of my friends and feel like I know them, though we’ve never met. It’s the same with people’s animals. Their animal is my animal.

I love when friends post pictures of their travels, because I get to vicariously live through them. Art work is another favorite, but also the photos that some people take that lean towards art. They do more than just capture a moment. . .they capture the smell, the feel of the air on skin. . .the soul of a special place. You know who you are?

Getting pictures of my kids, especially my youngest, Patrick, has always been difficult. I bet if you asked him, that was the only bad part of their wedding. He’s gotten a lot better now, but then he can afford it, because apparently he has passed that photo resistance gene onto his son, Donovan.

I have pictures of Dono’s butt, tonsils, bulging eyeballs, blurry head as he tries to escape and his shoes on the run. He hasn’t reached the point where his center digit appears on every photo like his dad’s used to, but close. I say, “Smile” and he spouts a look bordering on carnivorous. . .roar and all. He’s eight and does it well.

Imagine my delight when they were over a few weeks ago and I actually got a good picture of the two of them. The photo resistant father and his doubly photo resistant son! One of my favorites pics. . .of two of my favorite peeps. . .totally spontaneous!

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