People Who Can Make a Decision

Thursday, October 01, 2015
Today I am grateful when someone can make a decision. Maybe it’s my karma lately, but I seem to be bumping into people who can’t make a simple decision to save their life.

I get behind a person who is driving in the same direction I am going. The right blinker goes on. They keep going straight, slowing down for no apparent reason, where there isn’t even a road. For three miles. Then the left blinker goes on. They never turn but the blinker stays on for another two miles. Really? I understand that they might not be from the area, but have some kind of clue for Pete’s (MY) sake! Be ready to make a mistake and turn down the wrong road. Then double check and turn around if it’s not right. Don’t willy-nilly down the road flipping from the right to left directional signals on the outside chance you might turn before Canada!

Then I’m in A.C. Moore and the poor clerk looks and sounds a little challenged. Why she is on the cash register I’ll never know. The saint in line in front of me is buying two small jars of paint. It came to $3.37. She gave the clerk a five. The clerk gave her back the wrong change. The saint kept saying, “Now watch” counting for her “. . .37, 38, 39, 40. . .then I need a dime to make 50 cents, then two quarters and a dollar.” Never happened. I had to go to another line. The manager was nearby and never made the decision to gently step in and clear things up. . .if not for the clerk, then for the poor customer who was desperate to leave with the correct change and the clerks dignity in hand.

Which brings me to wine. Bad segue? Who cares as long as it ends with wine? Do you like RED or do you like WHITE? Those are the only two questions I will ask you regarding wine, because I see no reason on earth to drink BLUSH. Blush is confused! If you ask me for “blush” you will get a combination of whatever red and white I already have open. Voila! At the very least I need my wine to make a decision! Even if people can’t!

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