Personal Challenges

big lady working out
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Today I am grateful for personal challenges. I’m a little stubborn. I should probably pause for a while so those of you who know me well can compose yourselves. All better? I’ve had a good share of people try to enlighten me on what is best for me and it’s been going on for many years. Did you ever notice that someone else always has all of YOUR answers? Yea, me, too. I hate that.

So I dig in my heels. Eat tree bark? Fat chance. Oatmeal every day? In your dreams. Get a pedometer and do 10,000 steps a day? No thanks. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever touch sweets or anything fried? Shoot me now. Exercise longer, faster, more, more, more? Go to hell!

I’m no super model. I know that shocks you to hear me say it, but I’m not. I’m not perky, I’m beefy. It’s okay. I like me anyway. You probably would, too, if you really knew me. But facts are facts. When you’re tipping the scales at the big “O” (for obese-I hate that word) mark, exercise is difficult. Hell, getting out of the chair is difficult. Shaving your legs is difficult. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know, so trust me on this one. And add my. . .um. . .years on this earth to the mix. . .and a lot of things are difficult. But difficult does not necessarily mean impossible. I told myself. A lot. And often.

Monday I went to a Silver Sneakers class at the Y. I hadn’t done the class for a few months because I was at my outdoor pool and also my hip was acting up, but I love the instructor and the other classmates. We all share a similar “organ recital”. It was great to be back. “Do what you can, sitting or standing,” the instructor says and that gives me permission to set my carcass down if I need to. I rarely do. But having the option helps my brain.

When I got home I didn’t change out of my sneakers into slippers like I usually do. Soon I was suggesting to my husband that we get started on our basement reorganization, so we did. I found keeping the sneakers on seemed to motivate me to do more. Interesting. I’m such a whack-job that whenever I have a BINGO moment it shocks me.

I started thinking. . .always dangerous for me. . .but I wondered if maybe I could do all of the classes I love. . .in one day. 9 a.m.-Water Aerobics; 11:30 – Silver Sneakers; and a new class I’ve wanted to try at 12:15 – Geezer Yoga. I don’t think that’s the name, but it’s close. So on Monday I started planning. In my brain.

Packing my bag was complicated, because I’d need different clothes and sneakers and a water bottle and a snack. . .just in case I was starving after two classes and wanted to use that as an excuse to bag the last one. See, I know all of my tricks and excuses. Carrying the stupid bag was obviously going to be a big part of my work-out!

Well guess what? Today was the day! I did it! All of it! Three classes on the same day. . .and I’m still alive. Ironically each class today called for standing on my toes and those puppies protested towards the end of the yoga class so I had to sit for a minute, but that’s okay. I did it anyway. Over two hours. . . two hours and fifteen minutes, I’ll have you know!

Do I need traction or a chiropractor? Nope. Can I get off the toilet? Yes, today anyway. I don’t know about tomorrow, but I’ll spare you the update. I promise. Will I do this every day? No, for sure not, because I work out five days a week already and I’m not completely insane, besides, I still want to live.

But I’ll probably try to make it happen at least once a week. I met my personal challenge today. . .so I can set another challenge for next week and do it again. If I want to. And it was fun. Who knew? Certainly not me!

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One Response to Personal Challenges

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Congratulations on the new you (for today). Yes, we love you for your wit your kindness, your ability to be diplomatic. You get the picture. I kept my sneakers on also, had lunch and was off to Landis for a few items via sneakers and feet. Over 10,000 steps today. And then it took me 2 hours to fill out the Grand View form for my upcoming cataract surgery. I am now exhausted, Time for ice cream! See you tomorrow.

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