Binge Watching

America-Pope-Thumbs up
Monday, September 28, 2015
Today I am grateful for binge watching. It’s not like I didn’t do one other thing this weekend but watch Pope Francis. My son and family came up and we went to a park to fire off rockets. I made a “restaurant” breakfast, cleaned up; make a quiche for the week, cleaned up; read two entire Sunday newspapers; made spaghetti dinner, cleaned up and washed sheets and re-made the bed.

The thing is, with digital video recording, while I was doing all of that, the TV was working for me. That way whenever I sat down I could binge watch the pope. At one point I felt a moderate amount of guilt. I won’t let more than moderate amounts capture me.

Then I got to thinking how, because I want to be a responsible voter, I watched that ridiculous Republican Debate. What a waste of time. Whenever there is a natural disaster, like Katrina, or the fires in California, or the flooding in the Midwest, or a tsunami in Asia, I watch and send good vibes to the folks dealing with it head on.

That horrible, horrible time in our nation’s history, 9-11, had everyone in the country glued to the TV in shock and terror. We would wake up in the middle of the night and put the TV on because sleep was nearly impossible anyway. We watched and watched and watched, flipping channels to see if another station had more information than the one we were tuned in to. We were consumed with grief and fear. Hope seemed to fly out the broken windows of the World Trade. It was as though our universe was unraveling like a sweater with a loose thread. Yet we watched. It was a horrible binge of destruction and terror.

But that was then and this is now. This weekend I watched the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia. This weekend was full of hope, peace, compassion and understanding. I might have had enough, maybe not. I still click on Facebook posts of yet another special moment. I’ll probably shed another tear or three thousand. But today I don’t feel frustrated like I did with the debate; or upset at the fires and flooding; or worried I might have had friends in the Asian tsunami; or completely devastate with despair like I did after 9-11. Today I feel invigorated, lifted up, joyful, and at peace. This feeling is going to last a very long time. Yes, I binge watched. I hope you did, too.

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