Mother Lode

Sunglasses 3-best.

Me in ocot glasses-best
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Today I am grateful for the mother lode. You would think that when someone sends me a small, unexpected gift, that I would be thrilled with the gift alone.

But when a good friend from my hometown sent me more sunglasses, it isn’t just the thoughtfulness that affects me. It’s the fact that she remembers my stories about sunglasses. . .and thinks about me when she sees crazy ones. . .and that’s the best.

It’s nice when I am remembered and a thrill for me when someone brings up one of my stories or even quotes me. How cool is that? Quoted? It’s the best gift ever. Even I can’t quote me because once I write, it’s done and I’m on to something else. But some words and stories affect people in different ways. When that happens and they share, I feel like a rock star. . . at least in my own mind!

Does that mean I’m going to graciously send the crazy glasses back and tell her she shouldn’t have? Hah! Fat chance! I might not be able to wear the white ones because they made my eyeballs remember the herringbone patterned coat some woman wore in front of me in church when I was a kid. They set my head spinning.

But the others? You bet I’ll wear them. Especially the black ones with the rhinestone octopus arms! LOVE THEM. They’re perfect for an aging rock star who hit the mother lode!

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