End of Summer

flowers at Holiday Inn -wide shot-
Wednesday, September 09, 2015
Today I am grateful for the end of summer. There, I said it. I’m all done. I know you beach bunnies out there are hoping for the eternal summer, but I, for one, have had enuff already! 96 degrees today. Really? C’mon! I’m not living on the equator anymore.

Last weekend when we got off the turnpike I was struck by how beautiful the flowers were on the median strip outside of the Holiday Inn. I think they are trailing petunias, but I’m not sure. I bought a replacement hanging plant when some other beast croaked in the middle of summer. It is a trailing petunia. . .that looks nothing like these. Mine is spindly and brown and ugly like only half-dead, 96 degree-for-too-many-days plants get in September.

I don’t even care anymore. They can all die. I’m a terrible plant mom. I can’t take the heat and neither can they, so croak already! I am! Then bring on the cool, crisp days of fall where I can have the windows open and might need a light jacket. I’m all done with summer!

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One Response to End of Summer

  1. MARIE A. BISHOP says:

    what would life be????without sun (sun burn) and sand (in all those uncomfortable places) and ocean water (riptides), etc. I ASK YOU!?!?!? please don’t answer!!! mab

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