Gut Instincts

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Today I am grateful for gut instincts, which is a little bit more distinctive than the gut feelings post of a few days ago. I sold a story to The Inquirer, the main newspaper of Philadelphia! But if you know me at all you know there will be a story in the story.

We get a portion of our Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturdays. Usually I refuse to read any part of it until Sunday because, well, it’s a Sunday paper and I’m weird that way.

Last week I was loading yet another recycling bag with back-to-school supplements and noticed the Sunday-on-Saturday bulge waiting to be released from its baggie. As long as I was sitting there and had glasses on anyway, I read the Travel Section. One of the Personal Journey stories intrigued me and even though I haven’t been on an exotic trip, I wondered if I might have a story they’d publish. There was a little blurb on how and where to submit so I tore it out.

On Sunday, after I was finished with both newspapers, it came to me what story I wanted to send. It needed chopping big-time because of the length requirement. I worked on it for a couple of hours then forgot about it until Monday. After the Y and a bunch of other stuff, I looked at it again and chopped/edited some more. By late afternoon I was ready to send it off. Poof! Gone! Once something is sent, I fugetabout it. No point in dwelling on “what ifs”?

Tuesday I got an email from a name I didn’t recognize. I almost deleted it without reading because I thought it was spam. Nope! An editor loved my story angle, asked me to add one thing and re-send. She said they would publish it on Sunday, September 13, in the Personal Journey portion of the Travel Section of The Inquirer. Yea! I have arrived! At least this time.

I made the changes she requested and sent it off again with more pictures than I had included the first time. . .just in case. The whole thing took two days! Bam! Bam! Bam! That fast! Why? Who knows! But if I hadn’t followed my gut instinct in the first place, it wouldn’t be happening at all!

So be sure to either go on line or pick up The Inquirer next week, on Sunday, September 13th and look for my story in the Travel section. I’m a little pumped! Now I have to figure out in which Dollar store to blow the stipend.

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