Gut Feelings

gut feeling
Thursday, September 03, 2015
Today I am grateful for gut feelings. For a long time I ignored my gut instincts, but in the last couple of years I’ve come to depend on them. When an idea, a thought, a concern, a person, an event niggles me in my guts, I pay attention.

Although my body is achy from the back-to-September-routine of exercise I’ve abused it with, I hauled ass out at o’ dark thirty and headed to the walking (kill-me) class. Then I went to about half of the water aerobics class which was in progress while I was trying to regain my life at the end of the walking class. Boy that water feels great when you are sweating like you stole something. Before teaching kids to swim I had time to kill, so I treaded water and did deep water exercises for a half hour. Whew. I’m exhausted all over again, just writing that.

At home I prepped my lunch, but didn’t feel like eating right away so I called my mom. . .and then my sister. Both great calls. After eating I was tired and feeling guilty that I hadn’t yet posted my gratitude. I should write. Maybe I’ll write after a nap. Maybe not. Sleepy.

But a friend is in the hospital and my gut feeling was to get up out of that chair, get moving and go visit her. My guts are loud. And pushy. And right. I hate them. Sometimes. But it was the right move so off I went.

Even if my brain tries to convince me differently. . .I get a gut feeling that always knows the right move! Occasionally I even listen. Like today. I’m exhausted but have a peaceful gut feeling and it feels good.

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One Response to Gut Feelings

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Mary, I am happy to see you in the Walking class. You are a trooper. I hope your visit with your friend was a good one. Over coffee after walking, one of the girls shared her fears on a possible problem health wise which has emerged with her. Please keep BL in your thoughts and prayers. She will be going to the doctor next Friday in hopes of getting some answers.

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