Zucchini – Again!

zucchine pie
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Today I am grateful for zucchini. . .for the 50th time. Or has it only been three? I can’t remember. Wear your helmet for the next few weeks because the zucchini is coming in so fast and furious that even the dedicated lovers are ducking.

At my farmers market zucchini is a buck a piece. I used to get a normal sized one because that’s all they had. The other day I got one that could be used in major league baseball. Homerun! The trouble is the behemoth is too big for my veggie twisty thingy so I had to use it in another way.

No worries. All you have to do is mention zucchini at this time of year and a dozen people fire recipes at you. . .another reason for the helmet. . .although a landing recipe usually doesn’t leave the same kind of mark that a projectile zucchini would. The recipe I tried this week is a zucchini pie from the Pillsbury people, via a friend. If you want it. . .Google it. Look for the one from Pillsbury that includes Muenster cheese, has yellow mustard spread on the crust and uses crescent rolls.

But I didn’t use crescent rolls. I used a purchased pie crust that comes rolled up and you just undo it into the pan. I also didn’t use a quiche pan because I don’t have one. I used a deep-dish pie pan. Close enough.

My food processor is my new BFF. It sliced the monster, diced the onions and shredded the cheese. Voila. When I got it together and stuck it in the oven for my lunch I didn’t hold out much hope. It looked okay, but not like anything special.

Boy was I wrong! It was fantastic. I was so hungry by the time it was done that I had told myself I might have two pieces. But it was so perfectly satisfying that I didn’t need two pieces. I just enjoyed one along with some cantaloupe. Yuuuuummmmmyyyyy!
Bring on the zucchini, baby! I’ve got at least three more recipes to try! And I’m making this one again!

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