Peaches ‘n Cream

659-03533891 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: No Property Release: No Quark cake with tinned peaches, a piece cut

© Masterfile Royalty-Free
Model Release: No
Property Release: No
Quark cake with tinned peaches, a piece cut

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Today I am grateful for peaches ‘n cream. Oh boy, another food to be grateful for. That explains so much! But man oh man I haven’t been able to get the stuff out of my head all day long and since I hadn’t blogged yet today, it gets top billing.

We had agreed last week to celebrate the end of the outdoor season by staying after class and sharing lunch together at the pool. You could bring it, or buy it from the canteen at the pool. Easy peasy. No pressure.

Ironically, I don’t care much for peaches. They’re okay. I might eat one a year in season, but I don’t go nuts, buy a bunch and make everything I can think of with them. That’s rhubarb. So when one of my friends from water aerobics said that she brought peaches ‘n cream to share after our last outdoor class I was ambivalent. Easy to resist.

We hadn’t planned on bringing stuff to share, but our instructor brought two types of homemade salsa and chips, someone else brought fresh tomatoes from her garden, I brought one of the newly frozen zucchini breads so that I could leave the leftovers with the pool staff, and another woman brought the peaches ‘n cream thing. On ice and in its own zipper case to keep it cool. She also brought plums in case someone didn’t want the concoction. One person had a plum instead. One. Not me. Ha-ha.

I had my Caesar salad with chicken wrap and a half of a piece of zucchini bread and more salsa and chips than I care to admit. My diet coke didn’t do it as well as a margarita would have, but it was liquid, just no salty rim. I know, diet coke? Shut up! I get the irony. I figured I was satisfied and done. Aren’t I strong? Brain in gear will power.

Then, with a flourish, she unveiled the peaches ‘n cream. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that beautiful piece of heaven. I didn’t have my camera and was sorry. She started sectioning the gorgeous goo and my jaw landed smack on the picnic table! BAM! Yellow cake. . .peaches. . .the fluffiest. . .most delicious combination of cream and vanilla pudding, then more peaches. But I’m ambivalent about peaches, I kept telling myself over and over. Remember?

Each time she handed a piece to someone I said to myself, say, “I’ll pass.” Yeah right. Turns out you gotta actually say it out loud. I didn’t. Who in the hell am I kidding? I didn’t have a huge piece. . .but with the first bite I heard angels singing the Halleluiah Chorus. I swear. I didn’t ask for seconds, but I had to leave the table as soon as I was done or I would have embarrassed myself. . .groveling for more.

I hope I never, ever come face to face with one of those peaches ‘n cream demons again. It won’t be pretty. . .even if angels are singing its praises!

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3 Responses to Peaches ‘n Cream

  1. Joyce says:

    Any chance we could have the recipe?

  2. marymooney says:

    It’s not mine. I have no clue, but when I see Kathleen next I’ll ask her. FYI- she does Zumba Gold on M-W & F.

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