Re-Run – Support

Dragon-bali-wood-on gong (2)
Sunday, August 23, 2015 (Originally from Friday, August 23, 2013)
Today I am grateful for support. Does anything in this world feel better than knowing people have your back, will listen to your darkest thoughts, and will accept and support any decisions you make? Not to me it doesn’t. Thanks to my tribe! You know who you are._________________________________________________________________________________

The above paragraph is a re-run from this date in 2013. Wow! It still floats today and I believe it more than ever. When I made the commitment (to myself) over two years ago to write something that I am grateful for every day for a year, I knew it would be a challenge. I also knew I would embrace it 100%. And I did. After meeting and surpassing that goal, not missing a day for two years, I lightened up and gave myself permission to miss a day here or there because I was busy with other things.

But now I have more “peeps” so when I’m not present one day. . .they let me know. If I’m not present two days in a row, which is very, very rare, I get emails wondering if I’m okay. I’ve never tried three days because I’m sure the cops would be called to look for my corpse, or drag me back from the brink of an even worse disaster. . .like an eating binge at the Chinese Buffet.

One of my peeps suggested that when I had too much going on, I should do a re-run from a past columns. Great idea. This is my disclaimer that I will fully expose myself when I re-run something, lest you think I’m going Groundhog Day on you all. The dragon makes no sense at all and is just for fun!

Off to the theater and dinner with my sister-in-law and our sig others! Enjoy yours.

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