The Word Mind

Friday, August 21, 2015
Today I am grateful for the word “mind”. Initially I was planning on only writing about my brain-mind, the one that lets me think and have opinion, but as often happens I did not get a chance to sit down at the keyboard right away. I’ve been head-writing all over town, bouncing from one social event (breakfast/lunch), to the farmer’s market, then the pharmacy. My mind has been working through all of this, so here goes.

What a great little word. I can mind my temper, mind my manners, mind my attitude and mind my elders. I can mind where I put something, mind what I eat, mind what I drink, mind the dog of a friend while they are away. I better mind my step on the ice and mind how I step off a curb or I’ll be sorry.

My mom used to say, “Mind your sassy mouth!” which I can also do, except sometimes my thinking mind doesn’t connect with my brain stop button and the sass flies out anyway. I hope you don’t mind.

Like a weed whacker on speed, my mind is always running. Fast. I can mind how much by meditating and deep breathing. Sometimes. Then I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and my minds says, “Party Time” and forces a billion unwanted thoughts and worries into it. My mind is stubborn and doesn’t like to shut down.

My mind encourages me to think. . .to have opinions. . . and to verbalize them with a certain degree of intelligence. Sometimes more than other times. On some topics more than other topics. My mind can be funny or deadly serious, often in the same thought.

My mind is not a solid, brick-like object. It replenishes as much as the cells that have sloughed off of my epidermis. It is malleable, yet firm. In this minds opinion, that is how a mind should be. My mind lets me be incredulous at wrong doings, but flexible enough to listen to all sides. My mind is fair and just and neutral like Switzerland. . .without being a chameleon, like it used to be when I didn’t trust it.

I can make up my mind. But more importantly, I can change my mind. My mind is unreasonable. My mind is fair. My mind can be full. . .and empty. . .though it’s not empty very often. (note the middle of the night reference)

My mind can help me see the world as it is. . .or as I want it to be. My mind is comfortable with the familiar. . .until it’s not. . .then it flexes it’s power in another direction. My mind keeps an eye on me, guards my psyche, and has a real attitude.

My mind can learn new things or unlearn old things. My mind can be perpetually pissed off and irritate everyone I come in contact with. . .or my mind can direct me to be kind, gracious, funny and centered. My mind can morph and meld into a million different thoughts and emotions in the course of one simple, glorious moment. . .and I am grateful for every one of them.

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