Throwback Thursday

Easter Construction - goofy - 3 (2)
Thursday, August 20, 2015
Today I am grateful for Throwback Thursday. What an odd social media term. . . and what fun!

I have nothing better to do so I started poking around in my past photo files, learning on the way, that I suck at organizing and categorizing. I found pictures of the oddest things in the strangest places. An old boyfriend and his mom, with pictures from Austria? Huh? Grandkids are scattered all over the place with Christmas, birthdays, summer and Easter all jumbled together. What a mess. What a trip down memory lane. What emotions.

What an eye-opener. I found pictures of me in various sizes. Ha-Ha. Some I liked, some I didn’t. I also realize it might be time to throw some shirts away. My youngest grandson is eight and the shirt I’m wearing in one of the pictures still hangs in my closet. And I still wear it. But it doesn’t button anymore. Sort of. Which means it buttons, but I look like a sausage trying to bust out of its casing. Alas.

I also saw various configurations of my house, with decorations scattered in places I didn’t remember scattering them. But I also still like them, which is cool, so I won’t purge my “stuff” like I might purge my closet.

I chose the picture of three of the grandkids building a toothpick/gumdrop something during Easter, probably seven or eight years ago. They probably can’t wear the same clothes anymore so I figured it was safe! And they’ll never see it anyway because all have advanced to Instagram and Throwback Grandma can barely handle Facebook!

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