Feeling No Pressure

book & toes
Friday, August 07, 2015
Today I am grateful for feeling no pressure. I’m late. I know I’m late. I don’t care that I’m late in posting today. I’m not even to blame. Blame Cecily Tynan who finally got the weather correct. Blame perfect temperatures, a soft breeze, low humidity. Blame the birds and cicada’s who yammer and distract me whenever I’m outside.

But mostly blame Ken Follett and his book, “Edge of Eternity”. I cannot be held responsible when I pick up a Ken Follett book. He’s harder to put down than Greg Iles or Lisa Scottoline. I don’t have a kindle or “reader” contraption so I have to “train” to read a Follett book. I’m about half way through and now have stronger biceps than Arnold. . . “I’ll be back!”. . .or Marlon. . .”I could a been a contender!”

Reading a Ken Follett book is an aerobic activity that doesn’t’ require breaking a sweat. Especially if I’m sitting outside, in my happy place, on a perfect day. . .and I feel absolutely no pressure to do anything else!

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