computer cartoon-save
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Today I am grateful for auto-save. I’ve been dragging my butt about finishing transcribing the last of my notes from the Philadelphia writer’s Conference because they had to do with self-publishing and decisions I have to make one way or the other. This morning I was up and perky much earlier than I expected to be so I tackled the task.

Thankfully I have the sense to create a file and save as soon as I begin to type. I had four pages in outline form when, giving me absolutely NO warning, my computer shut down for updates. Yikes! No! Not now! Go away! Give me fifteen minutes!

Did you ever just sit there, while everything goes dark? It’s horrible watching each open program and icon disappear into the bowels of cyber-hell. Then the long, dark, pause just before it reboots. Did my heart stop? Maybe. I probably needed an internal update, too.

I was worried I would have to start all over from the beginning, but auto-save rescued me! Now I’m done and ready for my updates. Wait, what? Oh that’s right, they never happen when you’re “ready”.

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