Finished Painting

Now I see one small thing I want to change. . .again!  lol

Now I see one small thing I want to change. . .again! lol

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Today I am grateful for my finished painting. I don’t paint every day. . .or even every week, so it’s always a surprise to me when I finish one. . .and an even bigger surprise when I like it.

When I was young I’d start a million things and never finish anything. When I was a young adult I couldn’t wait to see it finished so I would work so fast that I didn’t stop moving until whatever I was working on was done. Now I’m retired. . .and much calmer. Seriously. This is calmer. You have no idea! I no longer leave anything incomplete. I finish. I also take my time when I paint because I am not in a race. I can wait to see it done. See how patient I’ve become.

I like this one. It’s different. I scrambled like a lunatic to try and find something to paint when I was teaching my friends granddaughter last week. Then I got sick and didn’t want her to get sick, too, and I had to cancel the last two sessions, so her painting is not complete. We’ll get there later in the summer.

After a few days of being down and out, I started to have a moderate amount of energy and painted on mine a little bit more. Then more. Then took pictures. Then hated it. Then fixed it. Then put it in the living room near my computer so I could study it. Then hated it some more. Then hauled the pallet out of the ziplock bag. . .again. . .and mixed up the fix-it paints. . .again. . .then dabbled. . .again.

Voila, it’s finished. While not perfect (just like me), it no longer pisses me off when I look at it. I actually like it. FYI – The doll is a beanbag/batik gem from Indonesia. Boy, am I glad I finished! Maybe I’ll even sign it.

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One Response to Finished Painting

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Congratulations on your finished artwork. When I was in my quilting era, it always felt good to complete what I was working on. Photography is finished right away unless I decide to mess with it in Lightroom.

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