coloring section of newspaper
Monday, July 13, 2015
Today I am grateful for coloring. Again! NOW someone. . .who knows who. . .probably some expert, got paid a boat-load of money, did a study and found out that coloring is relaxing. Adults are doing it. Really? Why didn’t I think of that. . .two years ago. . .ten years ago. . .15 years ago? Oh wait, I did! I’m no expert. . .I’m just alive!

Yesterday coloring made the cover of Parade Magazine in the Sunday paper. Good. We are officially official. We are now encouraged to color for our sanity. Swell. You can now order “special” coloring books. Nice to be special.

C’mon! Really? Where is the adventure in that? The paper is probably thicker so one picture won’t bleed to the one behind it. And it probably doesn’t tear because it’s so thin. The sheets are probably perforated so you can remove one before coloring and not have to mush the book binding with a rolling pin in order to reach the entire picture.

Where’s the sport? Where’s the challenge? What fun is it if you aren’t paging through a book of princess, or construction vehicles, or the ever popular Disney characters like Micky and Goofy ice skating to find the exact picture that you need for any given day? I can’t deal with all of this improvement. I gotta go color. . .Garfield! I’m feeling orange today.

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