Bubble Wrap

July 4th, 2015-Mercer 001

July 4th, 2015-Mercer 004
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Today I am grateful for bubble wrap. How much fun is bubble wrap? Do you know anyone at all who can avoid popping at least a few of those little noise makers? I don’t. It is the one thing for which its original intent has nothing to do with the joy it brings when destroyed.

When we arrived at the Fourth of July celebration at Fontill, I had no idea why there was plastic on the pathway where the little kids bike parade was taking place, but assumed it had something to do with the rain. Wrong. The planners lined the first long section of the path with bubble wrap!

Before the parade, the adults, who knew what it was, avoided walking on it. I avoided it because I didn’t want to fall on my keester. The kids loved it! Pop-pop-pop-crackle-pop-crackle-pop. It sounded like a cereal commercial when they started rolling their wheels over it.

Those same adults who respected the bubble wrap before the parade turned into lunatics when the kids had all passed. I saw a woman who had to be pushing 70, stomping on it like a high-stepping dinosaur. A man, around the same age did a hop-scotch move towards the edge where the popping was best. Another much older woman popped what she could with her cane. They should give sheets of this stuff to people in nursing homes for dexterity and fun!

Bubble wrap is great. What else in the world can make a kid out of absolutely everyone? Not many things.

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