Olde Tyme July 4th



carriage house at Fonthill

carriage house at Fonthill

Huge tree
Sunday, July 5, 2015
Today I am grateful for Olde Tyme July 4th Celebrations. I did the vintage spellings of old and time. . .aren’t I clever? Anyway, we went to this great little house to celebrate the 4th and had a very nice, low-key time.

Our friend, Jamie Bradley, portrays the owner, Henry Mercer, a fascinating guy, who inherited money and never had to work a day in his life, yet worked every day of his life. He built this place, Fonthill, using poured concrete and porcelain tile manufactured and glazed at the Moravian Tile Works, very near this house.

The day was filled with demonstrations on dog agility; a cake walk (took forever! I mean, you’re supposed to WALK, people. It isn’t necessary to jump from spot-to-spot. Thankfully I didn’t win a cake-LOL); tug-o-war (over in seconds); watermelon eating contest; sack race; wonderful music; funnel cake and ice cream, my husbands’ summer staples.

There was also a tour of sections of the house, which was interesting and challenging, not necessarily in that order. Ask me about the very narrow (I’m not), very steep staircase that I managed to crawl up on replaced knees without them having to call the jaws-of-life to chip me outta there! Geeze. Thankfully my own husband was behind me or I could never show my, er, “face” there again!

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