Turning Pages

book-page turning
Thursday, July 02, 2015
Today I am grateful for turning pages. I’m a slow reader. I have not been sleeping very well at night so I’m also a sleepy reader, who nods off a hundred times, often reading the same page again and again. But I love to read, no matter how slow it goes. Often I can write faster than I can read so you figure that nonsense out.

I’ve been carrying the camera with me everywhere these days for the blog. . .just in case. Yesterday when I went outside to “read”, of course, I nodded off. When I came to, the wind was trying to turn a page, but it wasn’t quite there. It flipped forward, then back, then forward, again and again, which is probably what tore me out of my stupor.

Being the esoteric, somewhat eccentric nut case that I am, I got to thinking about turning pages. It seems we go through life just fine and then a page turns and it throws us off. Maybe we lose a parent, spouse, child or even a pet and that rattles us, keeping us stuck on the same sad page for longer than we want. Maybe it’s not anything that drastic, but we still have “off” days and can’t figure out why.

I am sick to death of “You Can Do It” slogans telling me how all I need to do to get fit, healthy, lose weight, conquer Mt. Everest. . .is a “willingness” to do it. I don’t need a slogan shaming me into believing I just simply don’t try hard enough. To Hell with that! If it were that simple I’d be a ballet dancer at the Met. Or a famous figure skater. Or on Broadway. But some of those pages have already turned and they’re not flipping back any time soon. Reality isn’t always a bite-in-the-butt. Sometimes it’s comforting. . .even freeing to know you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. Contentment.

It’s okay. Because just when I think I might be stuck, there is a page out there waiting for me to flip it over. Maybe there is something very exciting on that new page. Maybe it’s something peaceful. Either way, it’s my page and my page alone. If I don’t like the new page, I can always flip it back or turn another one. That’s way more realistic. . .for me. What about you?

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One Response to Turning Pages

  1. MARIE A. BISHOP says:

    what if life was a ‘page turner’ WOW!!!! like a Patterson book!!!!

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