Monday, June 29, 2015
Today I am grateful for fireworks. But not just any fireworks. . .the display put on by the Souderton, PA community last night. Wow! It was fantastic!

Sometimes I get caught up in a pity-party because we are not able to go on an exotic vacation and then I have an experience like last night and realize how wonderful life is very close to home. Good lesson. I bet a lot of us have free events going on in our communities that we rarely take advantage of. We should go to as many as possible.

There are sponsors, of course, or I’m sure this small community of under 7, 000 residents couldn’t pull this extravaganza off, but someone still has to do the work. It starts with a concert in the band-shell, with hotdogs, hamburgers and other real food available for purchase from a service organization. Also ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla and many other flavors. . . including chocolate chip raspberry and butter pecan. Guess what I had? And toppings. Caramel, chocolate and nuts. As much topping as you want. What’s not to love?

After the concert they made an announcement that the fireworks would not begin until after full dark. We were all set, with our chairs turned and only inches from the yellow tape cordoning off the ground display area. Clouds started rolling in, but a man near me had a huge umbrella so I knew it wouldn’t rain. Wrong. Bam! They sent up some test shots, allowing a few kids to push the button. Cool. Bam! The rain was loosened and down it came, sending my husband running to the car like it was raining acid. I closed his chair up, threw the plastic grocery bag over my head and held the fort.

“We’re going to start the fireworks a little early,” someone announced, to great cheers, just as my husband was heading back with our umbrella. We were close enough to feel the heat and see the intricacies of the ground displays, all set to music. I think the James Bond themes might have been my favorite section, although I bawled during the Green Beret part, too. It was small-town-Americana at its best.

We were parked nearby so I turned the lights of my car on so others could see to exit the park, waiting until the crowd cleared out to put her in reverse and head for home. A third of the way home I realized I had forgotten the umbrella. “We don’t need the umbrella, do we?” my husband asked. Ha-ha! “Yes, we do,” I answered. “We have to go back because it’s the umbrella Harti gave me when I worked for her at the Ciputra Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia!” We haven’t lost it or killed it in almost twenty years. It’s a member of the family! “Surely they won’t be cleaning that up already.” I was convinced. He wasn’t thrilled.

Zip-zip and we were back there with me entering in a do-not-enter section, ready to buzz around the waiting fire engine on the soggy lawn and search the barricade where I had leaned the brelly. Never got that far. A policeman walked towards our car, swinging our umbrella. “Hey! That’s the exact thing we just came back for,” I said, before he could chastise me for going the wrong way. Then I told him the story of how I got it and what it meant to me.

He politely listened, then said, “Okay, $29 bucks and it’s yours!” Ha-ha. I love people who play. I threw it in the back seat and as I backed out said, “These fireworks were great! Just fantastic! Thank you so much!” He laughed and told me to tell my friends. The fireworks in Souderton, Pennsylvania are absolutely wonderful. Mark your calendars for next year. Consider yourself told. Your welcome, officer.

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