Fresh Herbs

Herbs on front porch
Monday, June 22, 2015
Today I am grateful for fresh herbs. I love this time of year, when I have my own little fresh herb garden right on my front porch. Yum. Sometimes when I’m walking past I brush my hand over them just to get a whiff.

This year my realtor, who continues to send gifts ten years after our last house purchase, delivered a little pot with basil seeds and planting instructions. Why not? I’ll try planting these things as seeds instead of buy the already mature plants.

I read the directions, which said to gently place ten (10) seeds in the pot with loam and lightly put water over the top. Do not use all of the seeds! Save them for later. Hah! Silly directions. I am not “saving” basil seeds for anything! I dumped them in the pot, pushed the dirt on top, threw a little water on them and set the pot on a plate on the kitchen table, where the sun is strongest.

Voila! Soon I had babies that smelled like basil. When they were big enough to handle I transplanted them to my porch window-type box. Man I had basil! Enough to give some away or I wouldn’t have been able to plant anything else.

The rest of the plants I bought already as teenagers. But I liked having babies so next year I just might start my own from scratch. Or not. . .but I sure do like fresh herbs. I guess now I’ll have to cook.

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