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Monday, June 15, 2015
Today I am grateful for learning. Holy smokes, my brain is fried from so much learning. I thought I had a clue. I was wrong. There, you heard it hear, folks, savor it. I was wrong! I could write a book about what I didn’t know before I attended the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. Ha-ha. Write a book! Get it?

If I can ever transcribe my copious notes, or even read them, I might even know how to get that book from my brain, to the computer, to a printed first draft, to the three step dissection that will be necessary with the mathematical configuration of the entire thing (at least it seemed mathematical to me), to either the agent, editor, or self-publishing company, to the book store and/or digital publishing company, and to the social media network that will tell everyone in the world (my world anyway) I even wrote it.

Whew! How’s that for a proposal? Not good. It doesn’t tell enough, or it tells too much, or it’s boring, or it isn’t catchy enough, or it’s too cute, or not cute enough, or I tried too hard, or not hard enough, or it doesn’t tell the editor/agent what the book will REALLY be about, or it doesn’t have a clear voice, or vision, or market. . .

Thank you to all who organized, facilitated and participated in the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. I learned something important from every single person I had contact with. I’ll have to get going on that book. . .if I really want a book. . .and assuming I will be able to decipher my notes! Yikes!

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One Response to Learning

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    To me it sounds like our planning to have some yard sales to rid ourselves of our “stuff” that we don’t need or want or just found after 15 years of hiding. It’s a bit overwhelming to even start to think about it. So I will support you if you support me. Glad you had a blast learning all that is necessary to put a book to print. I will come to your book signing (if I’m still alive).

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