Social Media

dripping faucet on sponge
Sunday, June 14, 2015
Today I am grateful for Social Media. Yikes! I hate social media. I love social media. I need social media. I’m terrified of social media. I am embryonic when it comes to understanding social media. It is far from my first, second, third, or even tenth language.

That’s why the class I’m taking on Social Media at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference is difficult. Very difficult. And awesome. My brain feels like the dry sponge you place under the annoying dripping faucet, which absorbs the moisture until it can’t hold anymore and leaks down the drain. I am close to leaking. . .or slipping down the drain completely.

My mind flitters away wondering if the instructor, who is awesome, is trying to pound Swahili into my gray matter. He laughs, kindly and offers to help in any way, even after the conference is over. Geeze, buddy, be careful what you volunteer for. I could become a real barnacle on your hull. But I won’t abuse his offer. Probably. Before you can get help with something you have to have some intelligent idea what your question is. I still don’t understand social media enough to yank one out of its bowels.

Here’s the dilemma. I had no idea what I didn’t know regarding social media and how it can work for you, or against you. I was sort of comfortable not knowing. I kind of wish I didn’t know now, because then I could just keep my head buried in the sand and go obliviously on with my merry little life. Except now I do know. . .just enough to be further confused. And probably a little dangerous.

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