The Gift of Time

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Today I am grateful for the gift of time. Every time there is an occasion where gifts are expected, I get anxiety because I can no longer afford to get what I would like to get for people. When we win the lottery you better watch out because many of you will be SHOWERED with stuff. . . most of it from late night shopping. . . “As Seen On TV”. . .3 for $20 or, if you call in the next hour. . .just for today, 4 for $10.99! I’m gonna go nuts buying jim-cracky!

We have had an established household for so many years that there is really nothing we need. Neither of us work (for pay) anymore so there is a limit to how much new clothing we need. I hate to take pictures when we are out someplace because I am usually wearing the same thing in a picture from ten years ago.

I have boxes of jewelry that I don’t wear often stuck on shelves in the closet and the cubby of my dresser. If I put it all on at one time I’d look like an Aztec God on steroids, or Lady Gaga on a bad/good day.

I hate to buy gift cards for people because they seem so impersonal. Often I can find something on sale for less than the amount I feel it’s appropriate for me to give in a gift card. I love getting gift cards, even if they are $5 at the WaWa. . .so you figure out that conflict of value, laced with bizarre emotions. It makes no sense at all. I’ve warned you before that you don’t want to be in my head.

My grown kids and grandkids are no different than yours and everyone else’s. They are booked to the max with soccer, dance, school, homework, field hockey, ice hockey, softball, baseball, girl scouts, their own fitness expectations, social events and, in their spare time, household chores, yard work and, oh, by the way. . .jobs! I don’t know how they do it. I could have never kept up their kind of schedules even when I was young, which I’m not anymore. That’s why it’s so special when any of them give the gift of time.

A few years ago one of my sons and his wife started giving us “events” for Christmas. We would pick a play, or show, or funky restaurant to go to together and make memories. They could have given a gift card to the shows and the restaurants which are always great, but the best part of the gift is their “time”. I know how precious it is.

Another son was going to be in our area so he took us out to dinner for my birthday. Nothing fancy, but perfect because he shared the one thing he has the least of. . . TIME.

When another son visited from Wisconsin he and I went to an Indian restaurant. . .just the two of us. I haven’t had time alone with this kid in years and I treasure that memory.

If you’re a younger person reading this and you have angst about money and wonder what to give your parents. . .try giving them time. If you’re old, like me, and agree, then you might have to tell your kids how important this would be to you. They aren’t mind-readers as much as we would like them to be.

Everyone should put their cell phones away, throw on a pot of soup, or make some spaghetti, or grab the peanut butter, or bologna and cheese. The food doesn’t matter. Then sit across the table from each other, look into each other’s eyes and talk. Just talk. It doesn’t cost a thing and time is the best gift you can give. To me anyway! What about you?

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