I’m Old

Mary with Abe statue
Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Today I am grateful I’m old. Today is the day that I get the dollar ride on Philadelphia Septa lines. Today is the day I am officially eligible for Medicare. Today is the day, 65 years ago, that my mother spent 3 hours in labor only to be told I’d be popping out feet first. She say’s “And you’ve been chasing your own tail ever since!” Nice, mom. Not entirely false, either.

It’s nice having friends all over the world because the well-wishes started pouring in from Jakarta, Indonesia and Queensland, Australia last night, which was their morning. I chatted with some of them for a long time and it laid the groundwork for a great birthday.

This morning I slept in until nine, then the husband took me out for a waffle & bacon at my favorite waffle place and gave me a gift card for a pedicure; a dear friend stopped by and we gabbed for hours on the patio in absolutely perfect weather; I had a slice of birthday cake with a glass of chocolate milk, for mid-afternoon snack; Then, after she left, I alternately read the Sunday paper and dozed on the patio; there were phone calls and lots of sweet messages on Facebook, with Chinese take-out for supper along with a glass of red wine. And the husband is cleaning up the kitchen and taking the trash out! It doesn’t get much better than that.

My day was just about perfect, even though I am now officially old! It sure beats the alternative.

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One Response to I’m Old

  1. Jacki says:

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Are you taking the day off!!! Hope to see you tomorrow, Jacki

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