Red Rose City Chorus

Kaker with Red Rose City Chorus

Friday, June 05, 2015
Today I am grateful for the Red Rose City Chorus, a women’s barbershop group from Lititz, Pennsylvania. So how on earth did I connect with these incredible women?

If you’re paying attention you know that our friend, Tim was visiting us for a few days from Wisconsin. You will also know that we went to Gettysburg. On the way home, at around 6:30 pm, we had the brilliant idea to try and see some portion of Amish Country. FYI-Dumb idea! We got off the turnpike onto Route 72 and drove on winding roads, over hills and through little towns I never heard of. The sky was darkening, the clouds were thickening and I was sick of driving. It soon got dark enough for us to realize that even if we did, by some miracle, find Amish Country, we wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway, so we stopped for supper at The Station House Tavern in Lancaster.

We were about half-way through our meal when women wearing beautiful turquoise golf shirts, with a treble clef logo started filtering in. There was hoopla over whether or not to move tables together or sit at two tables. They seemed like so much fun, if I had had on a turquoise shirt I would have drawn on my own treble clef and joined them. Just before we left I had to ask. . . “Excuse me, what’s with the treble clef on your shirts?”

“We are the Red Rose City Chorus,” one of them answered. “I bet now you want us to sing!” As a matter of fact, I did! So they did! They got their pitch and sang “Red, Red, Robin” in perfect, beautiful harmony, complete with synchronized gestures. Fantastic!

While Tim and John were in the bathroom I asked them to sing Happy Birthday for Tim. The guys came back and John kept saying, “We’re ready.” Tim said, “We can go anytime.” I said, “In a minute,” while the poor waitress finished taking orders from one of their tables. Then she had to wait to take the rest of their orders while they sang Happy Birthday. We have known Tim for over 35 years and have never, ever seen him blush before. Plus, I never knew his dad sang barbershop for many years. Double fantastic.

The pictures are blurry because I was laughing so hard, but it doesn’t matter because you can see what great sports the women of the Red Rose City Chorus are. ( We might even take another road trip on Sunday, September 27th and attend their 2 pm show at The Ware Center, 42 N. Prince Street, in Lancaster, PA. Thank you, ladies, for the great memory. . .and you’re welcome for the commercial. And 1–2–1-2-3-4 SING!

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