Spring in Pennsylvania

Huge rhody bush

Huge puple azaelia w garage

bright pink azalea

seedy dandelions-horizontal-cu
Friday, May 22, 2015
Today I am grateful for Spring in Pennsylvania. John and I have driven all over the country at various times of the year.

One was a particularly long, emotional trip to Arizona to move my mom to Wisconsin and then drive back home. The Smokey Mountains were breathtaking. The hills of New Mexico were not to be believed. The blooming dessert cactus in the flatlands of Arizona looked fantastic. The painted buttes and mesa’s in Sedona looked fake and hand painted. Driving into the rich farmland of the Midwest made us feel voluptuous and abundant.
Each and every place we drove through, we’d say, “Isn’t it beautiful?” And they were. All of them. . .each in their own unique way. Exhausted, we crossed over from Ohio into Pennsylvania and the beauty of the hills took our breath away.

“I can’t believe we live in this gorgeous state,” my husband said. “You have to go some to find a place as pretty.” Even my mom, when she visited us years ago, said, “I’ve never seen a prettier place in the world than Pennsylvania in Spring.” I agree.

Spring in Pennsylvania is when every twig, bush, piece of scrub in the world bloom. It can take one single plant and make it look like cotton candy, ready to devour an entire house. Fuggetabout the watery eyes, sneezing and hacking coughs all of that beauty brings us and focus on how pretty it is. Mom is always right.

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2 Responses to Spring in Pennsylvania

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    I loved your write-up today. I would like to add my own comment about Fall. We left Anchorage, Alaska on October 15, 1966 to return to Pennsylvania. We drove for 10 straight days: down the Alcan, through the Canadian Rockies, through some of the northern states across Ohio and into Pennsylvania via the turnpike. Have you ever come to Pennsylvania from Ohio when the leaves are at their peak? It was breath-taking. Maybe it was also because we knew our long drive was almost over, but it was spectacular. The hills were alive with the sight of color. Such a variety of shades. Even though we are seeing many different things on our trip, it will still be good to arrive back to beautiful Pennsylvania.

    • marymooney says:

      Marge, I agree with you completely. We have driven that rode in fall and it takes your breath away. It looked fake, like it was part of a model railroad set up. But it isn’t fall, it’s spring, therefore. . . .lol

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