white flowers-cu

white & yellow flowers-tall & thin
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Today I am grateful for wildflowers. It’s no secret I bagged the Y yesterday heading for a walk in a park. Sadly, with the bursitis in my hip flaring up, it was not as pleasurable as I wanted it to be.

I was cranking along, dragging my limb, annoyed and peeved and every other adjective to register disappointment and frustration. Man, that bursitis can feel just like a hot poker when it gets pissed off. The sun wasn’t out, but the wind was cold and blowing just enough stuff around to have the allergies irritate. Grouse, complain, bitch. You get the picture.

I was just about ready to turn around and drag my blazing attitude and peeved hip back to the car when the sun popped out for a second, catching on some color in the woods. Curious, I walked on further to get a better look. There along the path, in the thick of the woods, up a steep embankment, through the thicket of trees and large boulders, to the right and left of me, as far as my eye could see, were thousands and thousands of different shades of purple phlox! Growing free and wild.

Who cares about a stupid pain-in-the-hip when you’re given the unbelievable gift of wildflowers!? Not me!

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