Wasting Time

keep quiet
Monday, May 18, 2015
Today I am grateful I can waste time. I’m all over the map these days, with my emotions, concerns, fears, insecurities and general thoughts spinning around in my head like a swirling tornado. I could reach in there and grab a hundred things to write about. Or none. I choose none. I just don’t feel like focusing. I feel like riding it out, wasting time.

When asked why no one ever sees him have a bad day, Michael Jordan said, “I stay out of the public eye when I’m having a bad day. Why would I force my mood on someone else?”

Today isn’t a bad day because every day on this side of the ground is good, but it is different. So today I’m bagging the Y and taking a walk in a park. I might sit on a bench and look. At nothing. At everything. I might talk to people. I might not. It might be wasting time. It might not.

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