Anja’s Sweet 16 Party


Anja & me - midshot

Anja & Darby-full

Me & John at Anja's party-ms


Nan & me - cu


Susan & Matt


Sunday, May 17, 2015
Today I am grateful for oldest granddaughter, Anja’s Sweet 16 party. She looked fantastic. Her friends looked fantastic. The food was great, the music loud and the place gorgeous. I’d kill for one of those cupcakes with my tea this morning. Stupid me, I didn’t steal one!

When your son gets married, has a child, then divorces, you always wonder what will become of your relationship with his ex’s family and your grandchild. It’s a dicey situation that needs a lot of finesse and effort on all parts to work. I am thrilled to say that after all of these years, we are all still connected. My former daughter-in-law has married a great guy who is very good to Anja. My son has married a great woman who is wonderful with Anja. Anja’s other grandma, Nan, and I enjoyed catching up on lost time, since we don’t see each other much anymore. It was fun to see cousins and meet Anja’s friends and extended family. I am grateful they are still all in our lives.

I balked at wearing white, but boy oh boy. . .those young girls know how to ROCK white! I will let the pictures speak the rest! If you are reading this on FB, click on them to see all.

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