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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Today I am grateful for feel-good-stories. I am so tired of bad news I can barely speak of it. It’s just too much.

My heart aches for those poor souls in Nepal who can’t seem to catch a break away from earthquakes. You don’t need to speak the language to see terror in their eyes. I am pained watching the devastation from tornados in the midwest and southern regions of our country where parents protected their baby and died doing so. Now he/she is an orphan, mercifully being cared for by relatives. Bless them all.

I don’t want anyone to shoot any more police. I’m done. They should be done, too. Put the guns down. This is not the wild west and you are not Wild Bill Hickock! I don’t want the police shooting anyone, either, unless there is absolutely no other choice. I want them to hesitate for a nano-second, just in case, but not to the point where some idiot puts them or others in danger. Why are we all so angry? I get that life is unfair and feels more unfair to some than others, but I hate it.

I want everyone to stop and think about what they say to each other. Then I want them to not only think about “what” they say, but their tone of voice when they are saying it. Listen to yourselves. I have to “check” myself all of the time or I will revert to the nasty, screeching voice of my younger years, which would cut glass and hurt people like a spinning diamond saw.

I want people to have common courtesy. . .to think of someone else’s needs besides their own. . .to let people struggling to merge into traffic in. . .to curb their middle fingers (this one is for me to remember, too, since I have an active digit). . .and to basically cut everyone a break. Including me. Cut me a break, too. I will cut you a break,too. If we are all cutting each other a break we will live in a kinder space. All of us.

I want more feel-good-stories. Like the one I heard today about multi-millionaire, Robert Ellsworth, who left $50,000 to Maureen and $50,000 to another Maureen, her niece, because they were kind to him when he ate at their restaurant, Donahue’s Steak House in New York City. He didn’t leave it as a tip, he left it as a thank-you for a lifetime of kindness and good service. God bless him! God bless them!

We encounter people every single day of our lives, yet we barely glance in anyone’s eyes anymore. We have a billion ways to stay engaged, yet we disengage from those closest to us. Why? We need to knock it off. I need to knock it off. I need to pay better attention. Do you?

I saw the Maureen’s on TV and I can tell just by looking at them that they are just nice folk. They weren’t being nice with hopes of getting something for it. They were just inherently nice. We can’t stop natural disasters, but we can be nice. Why don’t we all just try to be nice? Maybe then the airways will be full of more feel-good-stories like the Maureen’s!

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