Chocolate Milk

chocolate milk, drip in back
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Today I am grateful for chocolate milk. Someone, no one ever knows who “someone” is, but someone did a study and found that drinking chocolate milk after a workout is the best thing you can do for your muscles. Apparently the milk continues to be absorbed by muscles for a longer period of time than plain water does. I’m in! Finally a study I agree with!

I never had chocolate milk as a kid because I went home for lunch until I was in 7th grade. Then we had lunch at school and were given a CHOICE of chocolate or white mile. A choice? Really? I had no choice at home! I just got milk. I don’t remember one kid choosing white milk at school, either. Not one. Back then you never got a percentage of fat content with your milk either. It was. . .well. . .milk. . .just regular, full-fat milk.

At my grandma’s farm she would take the clear, glass milk jug right out of the cold spring water in the milk-house troth, look at the layers and say, “Let me shake that up for you before I pour you a glass.” Shaking it meant getting that heavy cream in the top layer, mixed in with the full-fat milk on the bottom. This must have made it 200% fat, I’m sure. It explains a lot. When I drank it my teeth felt like they had mittens on them, coated and fuzzy.

Now I prefer skim milk. And the experts, when asked if it had to be only chocolate milk which helps muscles, said, “Oh no, white milk is okay, too, but we say chocolate because so many people don’t like white milk.” I do. I like it all. It’s not oatmeal, jello, or creamed corn, is it? Okay, then I like it.

But for my purposes, I’m pretending I didn’t know that bit about how it can be plain white. Nope, never heard that, which is why I’m having chocolate milk. For my aching muscles! 

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One Response to Chocolate Milk

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    When I was growing up, until I hit puberty and the zits came out and the doctor said no more chocolate ….anything…, it was Bosco’s chocolate. You know you can still get it at Vermont Cou try Store along with Grape Nuts aka dog food. But I now drink 1% white and it’s good. It took a long time to get used to white, but I’m used to it now. Love your columns.

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