Responsible Actions

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Today I am grateful for responsible actions. What in the world is going on in Baltimore? How can the blatant destruction of property state your case? Burning cars, gutted stores, looted buildings? Really? What year is this? 1968? 1520? Are we barbarians? State of Emergency? National Guard? Curfews? People running to their cars with huge armfuls of clothing still on hangers? That’s stealing, folks. You might call it “looting” but it is blatant robbery! Shame on you!

Shame on everyone who is causing the destruction in Baltimore! All of them! Throwing bricks, torching buildings, scaring the wits out of your neighbors? What does the torched CVS or the Senior Center have to do with any of this? What? Burning police cars? Throwing bricks? Gang attacks on police officers? Does this make any sense? No, it doesn’t! None! Do they even know WHY they are behaving this way? Do they know their “cause”? I doubt it!

There is serious anger in our country. A lot of us are angry about a lot of things. But we are not going out and destroying the property of hard working Americans. We are learning the facts and getting to the voting poles! We are writing letters and contacting officials with our concerns. We are not picking up a brick and throwing it at those paid to protect us. We are not torching our senior neighbor’s sanctuary. How is your uncle going to keep food on the table for his family now that you burned down his place of employment? Think!!!!

Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave. His way was peaceful protest. He knew that nothing good comes from this mob-mentality. Please, people. Rein it in. Knock it off. Stop! Take a breath! Realize that what you are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong!

My heart is broken at this awful, embarrassing exposure of the worst of Americans. The ugliest and most violent among us are getting a lot of press coverage and you can be sure that the world is watching. Ours is not a natural disaster like Nepal’s earthquake. Ours is idiot made!

I am sick to my stomach. Those who started this melee through social media need to put a stop to it! The run-away train of destruction has to stop now. Stop! And take responsibility for your actions! This is my country, too, and I don’t like the way you are treating it!
baltimore symbol

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