Pergola Confusion

pergola at Sand Castle Winery-horizontal

Friday, April 24, 2015
Today I am grateful for pergola confusion. Hey, I didn’t even know what a pergola was until I started watching HGTV and everyone and his brother were building one. They are supposed to create shade and coolness, but they are open on top and when it’s 90 and one ray of sun hits me I’m cranky and that is NOT cool. . .in any way.

So when I saw this little one perched at the top of a hill, next to Sand Castle Winery, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I had to take a picture. I love the starkness of the background, the angles of the structure, the lighting and most importantly the shadows. To me the artistic composition is perfection. But what’s it for? I have no idea. Why is it so little? I don’t know. Do I care? Not one bit. I just like it as art, which is objective to the beholder. . . and I beheld. Call the winery if you are an inquiring mind and need to know. I might, but I might not. So far I haven’t.

For me. . .I’m just glad I got the shot before the dead battery. That way I can continue my pergola confusion right into actual feels-like-spring. . .if we ever get there!

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