Covered Bridges

Covered bridge-cropped

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today I am grateful for covered bridges. When we moved to Pennsylvania from Wisconsin thirty years ago, we brought my two sons and John’s son with us. I had never lived outside of Wisconsin before so every day was an adventure. I got lost so many times that I declared I wasn’t really lost unless I went over a river. . .I was just disoriented.

I saw my first covered bridge ever while trying to find a short-cut to the kid’s school in Perkasie. I was smitten. I drove across that bridge many, many times and never tired of the thrill. Since then I’ve seen quite a few of these little gems from a time gone by. And as saccharine as it is, I still watch “The Bridges of Madison County” every time it’s on. I don’t care who knows. And it’s not for Clint Eastwood either, I swear. It’s for the bridges. . .because they are sooooo romantic.

This latest was on our “European” trek through the Pennsylvania countryside. I’m grateful I could take a backwards picture from out of my car window. . .before the camera died. If covered bridges could talk. . .

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