Travels Through Europe

Forsythia w-water and bikes in background

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Today I am grateful for travels through Europe. Yesterday we went to Europe. . .driving around in Bucks County, PA and New Jersey. It was a spectacular day, with bright sunshine and temperatures that hit the low 80’s! And we were led by whim, getting lost over and over and loving the experience. Just like when you’re on a big vacation.

I wish I had pictures of the entire day, but my camera died about a third of the way into it so alas. . . not too many pics. At one point we were driving in the Black Forest in the German countryside, winding through narrow creek-side roads, half crumbled away from a bad winter, when we happened upon a perfect replica of a Bavarian chalet, complete with carved railings and window boxes. Germany.

Then we whisked ourselves off to an Italian winery and swilled the grape for an hour or so with a sommelier who was from southern Italy and yanked up his pants to show us the exact location on his own boot. Too funny. Each time he popped a piece of chocolate in my palm to taste between sips, he said, “Izz make vine tasss lak chiscike. You lak chiscike?” My response, “Do I LOOK like I like chiscike!?” It was a party! His accent was so strong it was almost contrived making us feel like we were in a film written by Christopher Guest! “Zees vine is parfeect vees siffood!” Loved it. Italy.

Next we drove over the Delaware to have lunch in New Jersey, except for us it was Stockton, Austria. Is there one? I don’t care. We sat outside, in the sun, practically at the curb, with fresh forsythia on the table, bicycles parked everywhere and dogs out walking their sticks and masters. We were transported in time and space. Just as I was about to take a picture of my bowl of mussels, the camera blinked, “low battery”. When I heard a large “woof” above my head and looked up to see a gorgeous, gray and white, Olde English Sheepdog hanging out the window above me, huge mitten-like paws dangling over the sill saying “Hey” to his friend the Doberman across the street, I couldn’t take a picture. Boo-hoo.

When we got to New Hope, PA, the crowds were unbelievable. Paris on a warm spring day! Perfect. The town was hopping with motorcycles and dogs and kids and lovers of all combinations and people in various stages of inebriation and life. Just like Paris. For a minute it didn’t look like we would be able to stay because there was literally no parking. We decided to do a loop and voila. . .a space right on the street. Good.

We walked the towpath along the Seine (canal) under the old red wooden bridges, with the steam engine tooting and gasping as it hauled tourists and reminisced about when we first moved to Pennsylvania and they still had mule barges traveling the canal. Along the path we sat on a bench, admiring the new construction in such an old town and marveled at their outside spaces and views. We were our own House Hunter’s International Show. Walking further was the amazing engineering feat where one canal passes over the other, (John had to explain it to me) then runs into the Delaware. Sorry, I don’t have pictures.

At one point in the walk I stopped short with the beauty of the view. The reflection of a large, still bare tree making a perfect “V” in the calm canal below, with the banks carpeted as far as the eye could see with bright yellow buttercups was breathtaking. “Oh I wish I had the camera!” I gasped, as we sat on concrete benches surrounded by tall daffodils, some already wilting. . . a memorial to a much-loved woman. I don’t remember what her plaque said but it was beautiful. We thought of her. . .someone we didn’t know. . .with the sun on our backs and we watched the hustle and bustle on the street below in the distance, so close, but yet so far away. . . the Bucks County Playhouse and Delaware River in the background. I am sure this was just what they wanted to happen when they created this memorial space. Sorry, no pictures.

No day in Europe is complete without ice cream. Don’t judge. No documentation of this, either, except on my hips. . .and guilty smile! Didn’t last that long anyway.

Might as well go to Jolly old England and take in a flick. So we did. In Doylestown at the old County Theater, we saw a wonderful movie, “Women in Gold”, with a great story line and an excellent cast. It was a perfect cap to a great day. I bawled. No, duh!

Always looking for the deep meaning in things, on the way home I said to my husband, “What a wonderful day. I wonder what it means that the camera died and I didn’t get pictures of everything for my blog?” His answer? “It means you didn’t charge the battery!” BING! Heartprint!

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One Response to Travels Through Europe

  1. MARIE A. BISHOP says:

    I was there with you (in spirit- in print) – love that whole area!!! mab

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