Good Credit

good-creditMonday, April 13, 2015
Today I am grateful for good credit. My parents were sticklers for paying bills on time, so it’s what they taught us, too.

During my first early marriage, when my two boys and I nearly lost our house because my ex-husband wasn’t making payments on time, this was driven home to me the hard way. You don’t forget spending six months on welfare. Ever.

So when I married my present husband, the keeper, it was clear that, for the most part, I would be the one to handle the finances. And I have been doing so for almost 35 years, often jostling the budget around and tweaking from one bill to pay another, but always making payments on time, even if they were minimums. And I did it all from a spiral notebook.

The tenacity of this discipline has paid off many times, but was driven home again recently when we needed to finance some dental work for my husband. The office manager gave us two choices. . .pay in full now or pay $700 and the rest next month, both not viable options in our present financial situation. She saw the look on my face then said, “Unless your credit is good. Then you can pay off in six months and we pay the interest.” Bingo!

We had credit approval in less than three minutes and I am very grateful that all of my financial shuffling and bill-paying struggles have paid off! Again!

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