Three Boys

boys play card on head

Friday, April 10, 2015
Today I am grateful for three boys, Owen, Ashton and Evan. Having three of my friends grandsons with us for a couple of days takes me back to when we had three boys in our house full time. Exhausting, funny, wonderful, full of one-liners, mountains of food and never-ending chatter. I didn’t realize how grateful I am that they are grown!

These kids are awesome. They are the most polite kids I’ve ever met. They love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my husband and that is no small thing because he is always looking for “victims” to help him fight orcs or slay dragons! But they are still boys, constantly nudging each other and poking and rolling and wrestling and wise-cracking. And they are all about electronics, just like a billion boys everywhere. It’s the way it should be. And it’s exhausting. Did I mention that? And we are old! Ha-ha!

Having these guys with us reminded us that the empty nest is highly underrated! But there is nothing like having young people around to make you nostalgic for your past life. . .and appreciate the one you have now. . . when you send them back!

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