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Saturday, April 04, 2015
Today I am grateful for balloons. Aren’t balloons happy things? I just love balloons. I’d rather get a bunch of balloons than a bouquet of flowers. When my husband and I got married a billion years ago and my mom found out we weren’t having any flowers on the tables, she about had a fit. She went ahead and ordered balloon bouquets and they were perfect. It’s really nice when someone “gets” you. . .especially if they are in your own family.

The other day I had something I wrote published in our local newspaper in the letters to the editor. When I left for the Y in the morning my husband was still sleeping so I opened the paper to the article and left it at his place at the table so he would see it. By the time I got home he was out. There was a cute note on top of the paper that said, “GREAT ARTICLE!” Nice. If you don’t leave little notes for your spouse, I suggest you start. Now!

When he walked in the door later, he had a balloon with him. Congratulations! it said. “It’s nice. . .but what is it for?” I asked. He looked at me like I had helium in my head and said, “The great article, of course. It’s just great! Let me read it to you!”

I love reading out loud, but my husband hates it when I do. He’d rather internalize like he processes everything else. I know that sometimes when I insist on “mandatory listening” and read him something, I might as well be jamming bamboo up his fingernails. So when he said, “Let me read it to you,” you could have knocked me over with a balloon.

“Sit, sit,” he insisted. “You gotta hear this. . .” and he started to read. “And this part! I love this part!” he went on. “Wait, wait. . .you really, really nailed it here!” I wasn’t about to stop him. “You’re gonna LOVE this part! This is so great, did you hear this part?” Um, yeah, I did. I wrote it.

My entire soul smiles every time I remember his excitement. . .his approval isn’t always necessary, especially with my writing. . . but it sure is great. And I have a cool balloon to remind me that he “gets” me.

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One Response to Balloons

  1. sue welsh says:

    I didn’t read the article yet.
    in the reporter, bring me one to read.
    I’m excited for you its a good message to send out to the kids.
    It’s a matter of using good common sense.

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