True Heartprint

Thursday, April 02, 2015
Today I am grateful for a true heartprint. Yesterday we went to run a few errands and stopped at the CVS so I could pick up a prescription. My husband wanted to wait in the car because the sun was toasting him like a kitten on a windowsill so I went in alone.

Did you ever have one of those moments frozen in time, where you were compelled to stay put and not move forward or backward for a few minutes or you’ll miss something very important? I used to ignore them, but life is much more fun when I listen and wait.
When I came out I noticed a mother and two sons walking across the parking lot towards the door. By the time I put the key in the ignition they had reached the concrete parking lot bumper of an empty space. One boy, the youngest and probably about eight, stepped on top of the wheel bumper. I have boys so I didn’t pay much attention until he didn’t step off.

We sat in our car, watching, mesmerized as he stood on the “starting” block, rocking back and forth, wobbling like he was on a high-wire over Niagara Falls. Soon he crouched into a low “starters” position, swinging his arms like a standing-broad-jump Olympian and wiggling his butt like a puppy about to pounce. At precisely the moment I expected him to leap off the bumper. . .he stood straight up tall, grabbed mom’s hand and took one long step onto the curb a foot away.

He was giggling with delight. For us it was more exciting than watching Neil Armstrong on the moon. His was truly “one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” He was in a competition against himself and he won. . .extra chromosome and all. And there was nothing “down” about this boy!

He bowed and postured while his mom and brother applauded and praised him loudly. None of them noticed the two geezers clapping wildly from the cheap-seats in the toasty sun! BING! Heartprint!
boy jumping

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