Moose with Bunny Ears

bunny ears on mooseMonday, March 30, 2015
Today I am grateful for a moose with bunny ears. There is a wonderful life-sized wooden moose on the lawn of a house that we drive by frequently. In winter he/she (gender issues?) wears a tassel cap and heavy scarf. In fall he/she wears a witch hat. In summer he/she dons a flowery, large-brimmed picture hat.

Lately when I’ve gone past, he/she has been naked. Totally naked. For weeks. I was starting to get concerned about the folks whose lawn it resides on, wondering if they were okay. I wanted to bring an accessory over and doll him/her up and would have if he/she didn’t live on an impossible-to-stop-on-curve.

Today on the way to an appointment, oblivious as usual, I almost forgot about him/her as I neared the curve. Poor, naked thing. Then I noticed a bunch of multi-colored eggs and a huge basket at his/her feet, drawing my eye up to the bunny ears perched solidly just behind his/her antlers. Mr/Mrs Moose is back in costume! BING! Heartprint!

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