Purple Purse

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Today I am grateful for my purple purse. Over a year ago I decided I didn’t need to always carry a black purse for every day, so when I was offered two free purses with a mail order of other things I chose one black and one purple. I have never used the black one because I fell in love with the purple one and now she’s bitten the dust. A moment of silence, please. Out of respect.

I use a purse like a filing cabinet with everything having its place and separate pocket so I don’t have to look at it to find something. I just reach and grab. It must have a shoulder strap so I don’t have to carry if I don’t have a cart to put it in, but I don’t want to always use it. This purse had it all. Pockets, a detachable shoulder strap, zippers and hiding places and it she wasn’t suitcase sized.

I spilled a bunch of oil on the purple purse awhile back so I Shouted her and threw her in the washer. I think “clean” was too much for her. She came out great. . . and then I noticed some white piping peeking out of the corner. I got out the embroidery floss and mended her. Every one, so she wouldn’t look stupid.

A few weeks later a short rip appeared at one of the zippers. Next a grommet came out leaving a gaping hole. The other day I noticed one of the handles was pulled loose, then another, leaving open seams and scars everywhere. Poor old girl. I can’t fix her so I stopped at the shoe repair to see if he could. He can, but then he started examining her like a surgeon. Under his light I noticed a hundred more threads threatening to unleash. It’s time. I have to put my purple purse down and she knows it. I can tell by the way she looks at me, but this is the responsibility I took on when I adopted her. Boo-Hoo.

Then I went on-line to see if the style is still available and was encouraged to find that it is. . .just not in purple. Horrors. I could have gotten white, yellow, red, tan or aqua, but what’s the point? So I’m using her sister now, the black one that arrived at the same time she did. She’s okay. . .has all of the familiar pockets and zippers. . .she’s just not purple! Cue taps!
Purple purse-best

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