School Bus Drivers. . .in Snow!

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Today I am grateful for school bus drivers. . .especially in snow! I can think of very few things that present a greater responsibility than driving other people’s children around on very bad roads.

Our weather yesterday was abominable. Snowman Abominable! We managed to slip-slide our way to our grandson’s school for Grandfriend’s Day through light snow. Forty minutes later, we skidded out of his school, with his other grandma and me clinging to my husband, through two inches of slimy slush. You could barely walk, much less drive. I got to thinking about how awful it would be to drive a school bus on a day like that. I would not like it one bit and I’m sure those that do it aren’t crazy about it, either.

School bus drivers are the unsung heroes in any school district. They are the very first school-related person most kids see in the morning and the last they see at the end of the day. Their positive tone can help set the day for a wary child, who is full of self-doubts and insecurities. If they are having an off day and are snappish with a child the result is often an off day for the child, as well. It’s a huge responsibility and they are seldom acknowledged for their role in education. Yes, education, because they are teachers, too, just like cafeteria staff, secretaries and school nurses.

Before I was permanently hired at the school, I worked as a substitute in just about every job available. . .except driving a bus. Even if I had been qualified, I wouldn’t have wanted that job. The burden is just too great. During snow the liability would be unbearable. Children don’t magically calm down and listen better when you are stressed because of bad roads. On the contrary. For them snow is nothing but fun so usually they are jacked-up as though they ate 40 pounds of sugar. Not a good mix for the poor bus drivers.
Yesterday watching buses maneuver through roads that were a slimy-slurpy-slushy mess gave me a whole new respect for school bus drivers and the care they take. It’s nerve-wracking enough to drive in those kinds of conditions while alone, or with your own children, but to be accountable for the safety of other people’s children is more than I could bear. I commend them. I am grateful for every single school bus driver. . .especially in snow! Thank them! Soon!
School bus in snow

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