Little Surprise

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Today I am grateful for a little surprise. Just before we headed out the door to get to Philly for the wedding, and I’m talking minutes. . .I received a large envelop from the days mail that thrilled me.

Every year we attend a wonderful flower show at Peter Becker Retirement Community. It’s a wonderful kick-off into spring that gives us hope for greener pastures and flowering bushes. Spring in Pennsylvania is more beautiful than any other place in the world, I swear and the flower show reminds me. Each year I make it a point to purchase dish cloths from the accompanying craft sale, which are handmade by the residents. But this year we were gone for the exact days and hours of the show, so we missed it completely. Cest’ la vie. You can’t be everywhere at once. I’ll have to make last year’s dish cloths last.

Curious, I opened the large envelope. Inside was a very sweet note from a friend in Missouri, whom I met when my mom lived in Arizona. My mom and her dad were more than just friends. She thanked me for my daily posts, sharing how much they have meant to her, and included. . .yes. . .you guessed it. . .a handmade dish cloth! Unbelievable. The exact thing I had been sorry I would not get turned up in my mail. She thought of me which is great. . . but then she followed through. . .which I don’t always do. Add to that the fact that very, very recently her husband of a billion years die after a long illness. . . and I feel like the honored guest who gets the fish head or the chicken legs in the cone-of-rice at an Indonesian feast.

So today, instead of waxing poetic about the wedding, I am happy to share how grateful I am for a little surprise! And Nancy, who sent it! It might seem like a small gesture to her. . .but it is huge for me! What a nice surprise. Thank you.
Matt & Susan's Wedding 022

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