Quizzical Pictures

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Today I am grateful for quizzical pictures. I took this picture a few weeks ago and posted it publically to see if people could tell what it was and what medium it consisted of and what they thought it looked like. John thought it looked like a mother and child. My sister saw a dolphin and a beaver, I think. I don’t remember them all. I saw a lady with a topknot. Only one person guessed the correct medium.

It’s a spill from the bottom of my oven when my broccoli quiche boiled over. Don’t you love baking something? When it’s cooking is smells so homey and good. . .then it spills over and turns to disgusting nasty toxic waste. When I saw the spill I figured I’d be chiseling away at it for hours, but it picked up all in one piece. It fascinated me. Doesn’t take much.

It was so pretty I had to save it as a joke and I’m grateful it made a quizzical picture at a time when my brain is too busy for much else. Congratulations LeAnn! Obviously you cook the same way I do! When the smoke alarm goes off. . .dinner is ready!
sewing-pin cush-opt art 012

sewing-pin cush-opt art 007

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