Verizon Tech Support

Sunday, March 08, 2015
Today I am grateful for Verizon tech support. Yikes! I’ve flipped. I also did something really stupid. Shocked, right?

We spent the day yesterday driving all over Pennsylvania and bordering states getting liquor and beer for the rehearsal dinner and delivering it to the venue. On the way home we got into another nightmare traffic jam and I was tired. And my joints hurt. And I was hungry and angry that so many people were trying to BACK UP on the highway. I was Hangry! So was John although he’s less vocal about it than me. Shocked again, right?

It was already after six when we finally got off the turnpike so I pulled into a sandwich place so John could run in and get himself a hoagie. I was going to order some Chinese when we got home so I waited in the car. That’s where it got dicey.

I decided to “fix” some settings on my cell phone. It’s not smart and neither am I. We usually get along great. Ring tones? Check! Text tones? Check! Volume? Check! Screen Saver? Voice Clarity? Didn’t know I had that. Check! Lock? Check! Wait. . .lock? What is that? What did I just do? I think I left it the way it was. It should be okay. I’m done anyway.

This morning I pick up the cell phone to see if anyone called, hit the button like I usually do and it said, LOCKED, with four question marks ???? Enter pin. What pin? I didn’t set a pin. I’d know if I set a pin, right? I tried doing the exact same thing a hundred times, expecting “magic” to take over and automatically make both of us smart. Didn’t work. Okay, I’ll enter a pin. Any old pin. Pins I use for other things. I was so exhausted and hangry last night, maybe I did set a pin. One pin, two pins, three pins, four! I’m on the way to a bad rhyme. Pried the back off with a nail file, popped the battery, swore. . .almost threw it at the wall shouting “Go be stupid over there!” Nothing worked.

Finally my brain kicked in and got on the computer and went to Verizon tech support. Yikes! I’m a’sceerd of tech support. Plus I haven’t had coffee or tea or breakfast because I’m waiting for John to get up. Tech support without a net! Breathe! Click-click-click. FAQ – scroll-scroll-scroll (Oh please don’t make me TALK with someone or sit on eternal “hold” because my call is so important to them.) Finally. . .LOCKED PHONE. Try this. Did that. Try that. Did that, too. Try doing. Already did. If none work, call. . .HELL! So I did. Turns out my pin is the last four digits of my phone number. Hah! It worked. Go figure.

Another twenty minutes of getting rid of that nasty feature and I’m all back to normal. . .whatever that is. . . for me. I am grateful for Verizon tech support and doubly grateful I didn’t have to call them more than once! Set your bar low enough and you always have a great day. I am! Hope you do, too.

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