Kelly Clarkson

Friday, March 6, 2015
Today I am grateful for singer Kelly Clarkson. Her star has risen on a steady rate from the second she won the very first American Idol contest. Good for her!

She’s grown up, gotten married and had a baby girl. Her talent simply cannot be questioned. Musically she is spot-on. She can paper her wall with awards and accolades about her singing and talents in every mineral (gold, platinum, etc.) Her tours have employed dozens and dozens of musicians and increased the economy at every performance venue. The trickle-down effect of her talent and popularity is mind-boggling.

And she’s nice, always has been and still is nice. . .way nicer than I would be if someone brutally and publicly fat-bashed me after having a baby. She brushes it off, saying that she never pays any attention to stuff like that. Good for her. She should brush it off. We should all brush mean-people crap like that off. . .and most of us do. All the time. But we are still human and so is Kelly. Someplace deep inside her, I’m sure she has a niggling less-than feeling because of mean comments about her body. We say we don’t listen, we say we don’t take it personally, we say we consider the source, but at the end of the day, when we look in the mirror, we wonder why we are not measuring up. And we need to stop it! Just like Kelly stops it!

I have struggled with a weight problem for my entire life. I’ve been shamed by the best and worst of them. I’ve been given advice, prayed over, pounced upon verbally and laughed at. A lot. I have amazing talents. . .not in the genre of Kelly Clarkson. . .but talents just the same. So do you. We all do. I know we do. Yet some asshole raises an eyebrow at us when we order dessert, or scoffs at us when we are struggling to get out of our car, or giggles when we are at the pool with our grandchild and we forget everything wonderful and good and talented about ourselves. And we shouldn’t! Ever. Not ever! Mean-speakers need to have power removed from them. We need to answer their bashes with our sincere indifference. Go away gnat!

We should all pull a “Kelly” and brush it off. Always. We should replace their judgment with our own script, reminding ourselves of our brilliance over and over again. And if we do it enough times, eventually we, like her, will know exactly how much some idiots opinion DOESN’T matter! So today I am grateful that Kelly Clarkson, with her fantastic pipes, gorgeous hair and beautiful woman’s body, reminded me of this.
Kelly Clarkson

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